– Propolis Prostate (Propolis Prostate) is the name of this section. (Near the prostate gland are the testicles, the bladder, and the kidneys. Propolis also has a good effect on these organs.) The Soviet scientist VF Orkin (“Propolis’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties have long been of Soviet medicine “) has treated ten patients with at least three years of chronic prostatitis (symptoms: enlargement of the gland, pain in the bladder and increased leucocyte secretion) with propolis suppositories. One suppository contained 0.1 grams of propolis and 2 grams of cocoa butter, and each patient had to take a suppository for thirty days in the evening. The treatment was repeated once or twice, with one to two month breaks. Six patients were healed, four improved. In acute cases, other scientists have found, several times a day, ten drops of propolis in half a glass of water (or ten chewy candies). After three days, the dose can be reduced to one third, but the treatment should last at least ten days. One will be surprised to learn that propolis is also an intestinal regulator.
– A propolis lactose preparation (lactose as a carrier) was redeveloped to combat constipation and constipation. Especially for the seriously ill, this mild, yet emphatically acting intestinal regulator is suitable. Not only in cases of persistent constipation, but also in diarrhoea and those irregular chairs, as they are typical for antibiotic-damaged intestines and radiation sick, this preparation has been proven. You should take one capsule three times a day for two weeks. Then you either get rid of the trouble and can stop, or you continue with a reduced dose. You can take three capsules daily without worrying about your health. And because we are already in this “area”: ​​Even the “wolf”, who after long walks with heavy sweat production like to howl between the thighs, is under the influence of Propolissalbe on the second day as gentle as a lamb. Some nature healers want to have observed that propolis also works against hair loss. That should not be denied, but also not claimed, I know no case. On the other hand, it has a reprobating (strengthening) effect on older fellow citizens, especially in the form of the melbrosin-propolis preparation, which additionally strengthens the heart and shows a markedly draining effect in the case of heart water addiction.
– Insomnia, nervousness, exhaustion, fatigue for the said preparation is just right! It regulates sometimes even the blood pressure, which is desirable especially in geriatric medicine. Although it has no curative, still a pronounced prophylactic effect on atherosclerotic processes.

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