How is Propolis best used?

The use of propolis can be done externally from a dermatological point of view, e.g. over the skin. If there is no propolis allergy, nothing speaks against an internal treatment.

External application

The substance propolis is obtained as a resinous substance, brittle, slightly sticky consistency from the bee colony. The crude propolis is the starting material for all other substances.

For external application one uses:

  • Propolis resin
  • Propolis powder
  • Propolis granulate
  • Propolis extract
  • Propolis
  • Propolis ointment
  • Propolis Cream

If you want to make these substances yourself you can buy Propolis.

The propolis as a resin or powder you should warm slightly and then apply to the dermal affected skin. Spread the substance over the areas to be treated.
Take care with your clothes, because Propolis is a lipophilic and hydrophobic substance (fat-soluble and water-repellent) that is not easy to clean.

Use resin or powder for warts, eczema or wounds. For longer exposure, you can fix the fabric with a bandage or a plaster.
Alternatively, a tincture may also be used for external application. Keep in mind that there will be stains on the skin that can not be removed immediately.
Make creams and ointments either yourself or buy Propolis ointments or Propolis creams finished in a pharmacy. Unfortunately, not all pharmacies carry these substances. With cream or ointment, the high-fat application is very easy. Side effects such as discolouration on the skin can be ignored. However, the concentration is much lower here.

Internal application

Warning: If you are not sure that you are not allergic to propolis, it is not recommended to use any form of propolis. Especially from the inner application.

For internal use one uses:

  • Propolis powder
  • Propolis capsules
  • Propolis powder mixed with honey
  • Propolis sweets
  • Propolis

If you do not want to make these fabrics yourself, you can also buy the finished Propolis products. In pharmacies or in beekeeping you can buy these things.

The powder can be stirred in milk and / or honey and then drink it.
In the form of propolis sweets, the inner application is almost associated with pleasure.

They use it for sore throat, or generally for throat problems. Suck the candies as long as possible to increase the exposure time.

Propolis tincture is best taken preventively every morning with 5-10 drops of sugar.

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