Fortunately, propolis is available in different dosage forms, because in its origin it resembles an extremely sticky mass that can hardly be washed off the skin or clothing. Propolis is available for daily care as a cream, as a balm or as a tincture. The use of propolis spray is particularly practical. With such a spray, propolis can be applied specifically to the area to be treated.
Propolis is a natural remedy. The substance, also known as bees resin or bee putty, is produced by the bees in order to keep the beehive germ-free. Although a beehive is almost always 35 degrees and high humidity, there are almost no bacteria around bees.
The ingenuity of nature is clearly shown by the properties of propolis: The hard-working insects seal the cracks with propolis and cover intruders with the sticky mass. Propolis acts against bacteria, viruses, fungi and inhibits the spread of harmful influences. Propolis is made by bees by collecting resin from trees and processing it.

The effect of propolis

Propolis Spray works primarily through the active ingredient – propolis, which is often referred to as bees resin. In particular, the ingredients in the form of phytochemicals, essential oils and minerals seem to have germicidal properties, as studies suggest.
The effect of propolis spray can be clearly explained using the example of a sore throat: Viruses are usually responsible for sore throat. If bacteria – usually streptococci – also “sit on” the existing sore throat, there is colloquial talk of a “bacterial superinfection”. A harmless sore throat can develop into a full-blown throat infection (pharyngitis) or a side-strand angina (angina lateralis). If Propolis Spray is used when scratching the throat for the first time, this could prove to be positive – however propolis is not a medication, but a natural product. The effectiveness is supported by a number of experience reports, but has not yet been scientifically proven in the human field. However, studies suggest that the growth of bacteria is curbed by propolis, which is why many alternative practitioners rely on bee putty.

Some propolis sprays can also be applied to skin injuries or light inflammatory processes. For example, nail bed inflammation can be treated well with a spray, since the spray can be applied precisely to the area to be treated.
However, it is a strong remedy, so the first application should be done with care and caution. In rare cases, allergic reactions can occur.