The immune system has to work properly. For this purpose physiological processes take place in the organism. For example, so-called scavenger cells in the blood (phagocytes) of the organism cause the dissolution and neutralization of foreign substances. These can be disease triggers such as bacteria and viruses. These are actively recorded in the cell. Bacteria and viruses are widespread in our environment. Phagocytosis is supported by propolis. Propolis is an ancient natural remedy, which I really appreciate.

Propolis has natural vitamins, trace elements and enzymes.

Propolis contains natural vitamins, trace elements and ferments, which are essential for a functioning immune system. Not only should we learn from nature, but also benefit from it, but not imitate it with synthetic materials. Immunodeficiency with a tendency to allergy is also positively influenced by propolis.

Skin reactions in the form of urticaria (hives) are cured by propolis. Propolis consists of 8-10% of vitamins and 30 substances that have an antimicrobial effect. Therefore, propolis is beneficial in bacterial and viral susceptibility and is given to boost the immune system for months. An optimal circulation ensures the cell supply with nutrients. Propolis also has a positive effect on arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. Chronic exposure to fungi, such as Candida albicans, weakens the immune system. Again, I appreciate the effect of propolis.

Propolis has the function of radical scavenger

The immune system is weakened by so-called free radicals. Propolis has a function as a radical scavenger through specific so-called H-acceptors. Other important substances for a well-functioning immune system are the trace elements and minerals. Such as zinc, which plays an important role in colds. A lack of zinc is associated with susceptibility to flu. Iron, selenium, molybdenum, copper, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur and much more should be present in the organism enough for the immune system to function properly. Propolis contains all these substances.

Propolis in combination with Mumijo supplies the organism with all these trace elements and minerals.

Mumijo is an ancient natural substance called “blood of the mountains”. It delivers even more minerals than Propolis. Mumijo means “disease-protective”. But it has been known as a tonic for millennia and is valued in Asian countries. Mumijo strengthens the body’s defences and relieves allergies. Is scientifically proven in case of acute radiation damage. Mumijo also fights free radicals. A combination of propolis and mumijo (the acceptance of the combination with propolis is improved in animals and children) offer our partners from Bulgaria (

I get my propolis preparations from my native Bulgaria. This manufacturer has been on the market for over 60 years because there is no industrial air pollution in Bulgaria.

Many honey and propolis products from industrialized countries are questionable because of heavy metal pollution. These, in turn, are one of the causes of chronic diseases, as well as strains with Lyme disease, Epstein-Barr virus or amalgam poisoning.

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