Propolis tincture 30% 100ml


content 100ml ( EUR 31,90 / 100ml)

in glass bottle with pipette

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Our Propolis tincture contains 30% high-quality Propolis extract (up to 98% Propolis content) in premium beekeeper quality. Many providers use tinctures only raw propolis (which, however, consists only of about 60% pure propolis). This makes a significant difference in quality. The Propolis tincture we use not only for colds or at the beginning of the cold, but also for various complaints of the skin and mucous membranes. The tincture can be administered by the doctor as a supportive measure for pimples, cold sores, fungal or fungal nail and mild sunburn. The Propolis tincture is not a medicinal product, but should be understood as a supplement or care substance.


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