The immune system is one of the most important protective mechanisms in our body. We don’t feel it, we don’t see it, we don’t smell it – but if it fails, we immediately notice the consequences: we get sick.
But what exactly is the much-cited immune system? And can you just strengthen the immune system? If so, how do you do that? And, very important: why should you do that at all – has nature not already properly regulated everything here?

What is the immune system and what does it do exactly?

The immune system is a highly complex process in the organism that prevents the penetration of pathogens. If harmful microorganisms manage to get inside the body, the immune system ensures that these germs cannot spread. The immune system differentiates between “harmful” and “good” microbes, because the organism itself needs a large number of bacteria, such as the vital intestinal bacteria.
The immune system is not only focused on the organs, but takes care of the entire body. A distinction is made between non-specific and specific immune defense.

Can you do something yourself to strengthen your immune system?

Of course, quite a lot. The immune system depends on the way of life. A strong smoker who only provides his body with fast food and the couch at home has a weaker immune system than a non-smoker, is active in sports and also has a varied diet.
However, external circumstances also play a role, because the invisible viruses multiply explosively at the beginning of the wet and cold season. If you could mark them in color, you would see them more wherever there are lots of people. In public transport, in open-plan offices or at events. And the only goal of the viruses is to nest in an organism. Therefore, you should make sure to strengthen your immune system as much as possible to make it difficult for the “beasts” to settle down.

Four tips for a strong immune system

The bee product propolis is a small weapon against bacteria, viruses and the like. It is specially produced by the hard-working insects to keep pathogens away from the beehive.

The psyche
It sounds profane at first, but stress is a wonderful entrance gate for harmful pathogens. Studies show that satisfied people are less susceptible to illness. Anxiety, insecurities, worries or permanent stress weaken the immune system. Anyone who changes his attitude, sometimes enjoys small everyday encounters and has a balanced daily routine, shows the germs the cold shoulder, because the immune system is fully up to date.

Wash your hands
Most pathogens collect on the hands. If you wash your hands regularly after every contact outside the apartment (even better: additional disinfectant in your handbag – but don’t overdo it, as you know, a certain hardening does not harm), simply wash it away.
When shopping or driving in the subway, you should never face each other, because it paves the way for viruses.

Vitamins and trace elements
Not only the famous vitamin C is an excellent support for the immune system, certain trace elements such as zinc or magnesium also serve to strengthen the immune system.
Folic acid and vitamin D are other elements that help the immune system to be fit.
If you cannot get enough fresh food due to your job, you should resort to quickly made smoothies or get selected nutritional supplements.