Does Propolis also do my child well?

Propolis has many positive qualities. But does that also apply to our younger people, such as toddlers and babies?

Does Propolis also do my baby well?

That babies are not allowed to get honey until they are at least 12 months old is quite common. The background to this is that honey may contain a bacterium that the babies can not yet metabolize, because the stomach and intestinal flora are not fully developed at that age. This can lead to so-called “infant botulism”, which in the worst case can be fatal. So we remember: no honey for babies – but is the same also true for propolis?

Since there could also be honey in propolis, babies should not be given propolis or other bee products until the age of one.

From the age of 2, you can safely use the putty resin and other bee products in children, as these then bring their positive characteristics to light. Especially in daycare or kindergarten diseases spread faster than you can watch. Thanks to its antibacterial effect, Propolis can help here so that the child does not bring home a cold. There are very special children’s products, which are also free of alcohol and well tolerated, for example in the form of powder. This can then be added to the food and the immune system to grab something under the arms.
The dosage is then dependent on the body weight. Again, it is advisable to consult with the pediatrician first to clarify any side effects or allergies.

Nasal spray, cough syrup capsules or lozenges can also be used. These are recommended from the age of 2 – 3 years.

Also for external use, the cementing resin can be used, for example in the form of a cream. Delicate baby skin deserves special care, especially in the sensitive diaper area, where it can often cause irritation. Here, a mild Propolis cream can be applied, which helps against redness and irritation.
The so-called diaper dermatitis can be contained by the antibacterial effect of propolis and prevent the spread of bacteria and fungi that multiply rapidly in the area.